Sunday services, leisure activities for children, meetings of generational groups, teaching for seekers, these and many other activities take place here throughout the whole year.

Check out our program and feel free to join us.
We will be grateful to welcome you among us.

sunday services

You can visit us every Sunday at 9:00 am for Sunday services. The service includes a sermon on a biblical topic, songs in contemporary and traditional style, prayers, and the opportunity to share personal testimonies and stories. There is a room for mothers with young children and a Sunday school for children up to 6th grade. We support building relationships bytalks over coffee and tea after Sunday service.

No matter at which point of your life you are right now, no matter what your approach to faith is, we would like to welcome you among us.


other activities


We realize that children also need spiritual care, education,and a suitable room for development. That is why we create many activities that are designed just for them. Children have their meetings during Sunday services and regular clubs during the week. The clubs are divided by age.


A club for mothers with children on maternity leave. It takes place every Wednesday at 9:30 am in the church, in a children's room (entrance from left). The program of the meeting is very diverse. Mothers make the program themselves. If you are on maternity leave and are thinking about visiting us, do not hesitate, we would like to welcome you.


This club is for preschool children from age 4 to 6. It takes place every second Thursday at 4 pm in the large hall of the congregation house on Studentská Street. The program of each meeting includes joint singing, games, creative work, or short theater. An integral part of the program is memorizing biblical verses and learning the basic biblical truths. The concept of the materials from which it is drawn supports and encourages parents to actively participate in the spiritual development of their children.More


Sunday school is for children from the age of 3 to 12 years old. The meetings take place every Sunday during our service in four different groups divided according to the age of the children. A part of the program is Bible stories teaching, game playing, singing, creating different products and other activities designed for the needs of each age group. During the holidays, we organize weekly camps for children of the age from 6 to 12.



The club is for children from the age of 7 to 12 years old. Children meet every Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm in the church house on Studentská Street. Children are divided into two groups by age, the "younger group" (7 to 9 years old) and "older group" (9 to 12 years old). Why is it called SW club, what does this acronym mean? S stands for SPORT and for FAITH ("VÍRA") and SCIENCE ("VĚDA"). The club program consists of two parts, sports and biblical program. In the sports section, children play different games,and in the Biblical one, they hear about God's Word. During the year, various events and weekend retreats are organized, once a year we organize a summer camp. The club is open to all who are interested. Everyone is welcome!



Young people in our church are very important to us. We want them to know that church is a place where they are accepted, where they can create a fellowship, be actively involved, and find and grow their gifts. We also want to create an environment for them to feel safe to talk about the crisis or doubts connected to their age.


This club is designed for youth of age 11 to 15. It takes place every Friday from 4 pm in the large hall of the church house on Studentská Street. The program includes teaching on various biblical topics, joint singing, prayer time, games, and other activities. During the year, various weekend retreats, conferences, and other events are organized irregularly, once a year a ten-day summer tent camp.

The WEN OUTDOOR (We Enjoy Nature) is a part of the youth club for young people who want to do sports and something good for their health as wealth. Canoeing, a climbing wall, trips to the mountains and many other activities are a great tool for building relationships and getting to know new people. If you like to spend your free time actively, this club is just for you. Feel free to join us. Events are organized irregularly.



is a group of mostly high school and college students (from the age of 15). It takes place every Saturday from 5 pm in the church house on Studentská Street. At these meetings, young people discuss different topics from the Bible or life, spend time together in songs and prayers and in various activities. In addition to regular Saturday meetings, we organize trips to the mountains, discussions with interesting guests, weekend retreats in cottages, various conferences, sports, etc.

In addition to joint meetings, young people also meet in smaller separate groups during the year. During the holidays, English Sport Camp and various canoeing trips on Czech and Slovak rivers are regularly organized.



We are a group of young people over 20 years old, some of us are studying, some are working, some are single, some are in a relationship. We meet every third Friday a month at 6:30 pm. We create a community, family where everyone can belong, no matter if you have a relationship with God, you think about it, or you just don´t care. Together we want to pursue a deeper meaning of life, study the Bible, and deal with similar struggles in our life. We enjoy going on trips to nature, having weekend retreats, playing games,or just eating some good meal together.

If we got your interest, come join us!

Small groups

The main event in our community is not only Sunday service but also a number of regular meetings of diverse small groups. These include groups for women and men separately, generational groups, groups for families and couples, etc. These meetings are open to all and serve for building relationships and personal beliefs. They provide a friendly and familiar atmosphere for sharing faith and struggles of everyday life.

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Seasonal events

During the year we organize various weekend stays for children and young people, including summer camps, canoeing trips, suburban camps, and other activities. In addition, events such as the camp for families with children, men's weekend, conferences, etc. are organized from time to time. Its aim is to take a break from the ordinary worries of life and also to build relationships and educate.


Every summer, a week-long stay is organized at a cottage for children from Sunday school (age 6-12) and camps in tents for the SW club (age 7-12) and a youth club (age 11-15). Weekly suburban camps are also organized for pre-school children and elementary school children.


are summer camps organized once a year for young people from 14 years of age. They are organized in cooperation with Christian volunteers from the US. Thus, young people meet native speakers during their stay, they can practice their language skills in various activities, make new friends, and learn about God and the Christian faith.



It is a several-week long course on the basics of Christian faith open to all who are interested. It is usually organized twice a year - in spring and autumn. Participants meet once a week for a joint dinner, followed by an explanation of one of the biblical topics and discussion. Each cycle includes a weekend retreat. Everyone interested in learning about the Christian faith is invited.


A meeting for all married couples that want to work on their relationship, want to improve their marriage or go through some crisis.  Every meeting begins with dinner, followed by a talk. Afterwards every couple gets a chance to talk about the issue discussed previously. Everything takes place in a pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere. The privacy of each pair is respected. Although the course is based on Christian principles, its main goal is to deal with the practical issues of marriage.


week schedule

Mondayposlední v měsíci
první v měsíci
Setkání Klubu přátel Izraele
Setkání sester
Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Tuesdaydruhé v měsíci17:30Setkání střední generace mužůSborový dům, ul. Studentská 25 nebo po domech
Wednesday-  9:30Setkání maminekKostelík, ul. Frýdecká 28
jednou v měsíci
druhý v měsíci
Hudební kroužek pro děti (věk: 1-3 roky)
Setkání seniorů a starších sester
AWANA Méďa pro předškolní děti
Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Klub SW
Klub dorostu
Tělocvična ZŠ Komenského/Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Sborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Saturday-18:00Mládež BasementSborový dům, ul. Studentská 25
Sunday-9:00Sunday serviceKostelík, ul. Frýdecká 28